Silvia Luzzati

Senior Researcher


1981- Physics Degree, University of Milan
1982-1983 Research fellow at Laboratoire Léon Brilluin, CEA, Saclay, France. Research activities : phase transitions and critical phenomena in polymer solutions, light scattering spectroscopy
 1984- 1985 Research fellow at the Chemistry Department, Politecnico, Milano, Italy. Researc activity: rod-to coil transitions  of polymer chains in dilute solutions, polymers neutron scattering and X-ray diffraction
 1986-appointed at ICM-CNR as a researcher, working as spectroscopist/photo-physicist in an interdisciplinary research group active in the field of poly-conjugated semiconducting materials. From 2001 she  is a senior researcher at ISMAC-CNR, working in the same research group. From 2019 she continues her research activity at SCITEC-CNR.


Realization and photophysical studies of OPV devices - 3FPOLISOL- ENI spa industrial research grant- principal investigator-2018-2020

-Polymer based bulk heterojunction solar cells:devices assembly and characterization- ENI spa industrial research grant- principal investigator-2008-2011; 2011-2014;2015-2018.
-Materials and technologies for using efficiently the solar energy- iTIMES-Regione Lombardia research grant-Dr. Gianluca Galzerano, IFN-CNR-  ISMAC team member- 2013-2015
- PhotoactiveLayerENgineering for highlyefficientOrganic Solar cells-PLENOS- Cariplo Foundation research grant- Prof. Guido Raos, Politecnico di Milano- ISMAC principal incestigator- 2014- 2014
- EU “Coordination Action towards stable and low cost organic solar cell technologies and their application. OrgaPVnet- IMOMEC-Belgium- italian representative- 2006-2009
-EU Marie Curie “ Developement of N-type materials as alternative of C60 derivatives and their use in organic solar cells”- SolarNtype- IMOMEC- ISMAC team member-2006-2010
- EU Marie Curie RTN “Photo-induced charge transfer in the novel low bandgap polymer semiconductors and their use in photovoltaic devices”-EUROMAP- University of Oldenburg, Germany-ISMAC principal investigator- 2000-2004


Organic photovoltaics; material science; functional polymers; optoelectronics; organic semiconductors; plastic electronics


organic semiconductors; optical, vibrational and photo-excitation spectroscopies;  assembly,  engineering and photophysical characterization of solution processed organic photovoltaic and photodiode devices.



Research Groups


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