The research activity is mainly focused on the synthesis and functionalization of inorganic nanoparticles (metal-based and oxides) and to their exploitation in biomedical fields. In particular, we develop nanoparticles able to act as smart nano-probe for biomedical imaging. Moreover, the surface functionalization with proper biomolecules (especially oligosaccharides) afford the design of nano-platforms able to enhance and prompt the biological activity of the native molecules (multivalent effect). A hot topic of the research lab is the design of microfluidic systems to produce, with reliable and reproducible protocols, nanoparticles characterized by tuned morphologies. In this contest, we develop microfluidic process to produce hybrid nanosystems constituted by gold and titania with exciting application both in catalysis as in nanomedicine. The nanomaterials are fully characterized by optical techniques and electronic microscopy.


-“Glyco-Nanoparticles for Applications in Advanced Nanomedicine” – NanoCarb –
PI Marco Monopoli – participant – 2019-2022;
-“Strengthening chemical and biological waste management in Central Asia countries
for improved security and safety risk mitigation” – CabiChem- MICHR – participant- 2018-2020
-“Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools” –RM@School- PI A. Torregiani – participant-2016-2020
- “Innovation with Glycans: new frontiers from synthesis to new biological targets” -InnoGly-
PI L. Lay- Management Committee- 2019-2022
- “Raw Materials Students Internships in East South East Europe” – RAISESEE- PI Vladimiro Dal Santo – partecipante- 2018-2022

- “A Training Network for the Rational Design of the Next Generation of Well-Defined Glycoconjugate Vaccines” – GlycoVax- PI R. Adamo – participant- 2016-2019
- Ricerca e sviluppo di prodotti e piattaforme tecnologiche per la competitività dell’industria lombarda” – RSPPTech” – PI A. Ponti – participant- 2013-2015


Nanostructered materials, Nanoparticle synthesis, Functionalization, Oligosaccharides, Electronic microscopy, Microfluidic synthesis


Synthesis of nanomaterials, microfluidic synthesis, TEM characterization, oligosaccharide synthesis, nanoparticle functionalization 



Research Groups

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