Her research activity is focused on designing and studying innovative multicomponent and nanostructured polymeric materials with properties suitable for the use in specific application fields.
At present, she is involved in: i) synthesis of homo- and copolyesters through Entropically-Driven Ring-Opening Polymerization (ED-ROP) reactions; ii) surface modification of fillers, nanofillers and natural fibres for the compatibilization of polymer-based composites; iii) formulation and preparation of polymer (elastomeric, thermoplastic, biodegradable/compostable) blends and micro- and nanocomposites by melt and reactive blending (internal batch mixer, twin screw extruder); iv) characterization of polymeric materials trough molecular (SEC, viscosimetry), spectroscopic (UV-Vis, FT-IR), calorimetric (DSC, TGA) and morphological (POM, SEM, TEM) analyses; v) morphometric analysis of multiphasic polymer systems by automated image analysis; vi) activity of scientific dissemination.


- ‘Sulfur-based Polymers from Inverse Vulcanization as high refractive index materials for all-polymer planar phOTonic crystals’ - PIVOT (ID ROL 20583), Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Coord. P. Stagnaro-partecipant- 2018-2020.
- ‘Developing and Implementing Sustainability-Based Solutions for Bio-Based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe’ – BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE (nr. 860407), H2020-CP-IA-2017, Coord. W. Leal HAW Hamburg, Resp. RU SCITEC-CNR P. Stagnaro-partecipant- 2019-2023.

-“From bio-inspired molecules to Alzheimer’s Disease prevention”-BIMAP-Dr Cristina D’Arrigo-coordinator-2016-2018
- “Structural insights on oligomers of Aβ peptides in the presence of PrP”-NIRG-Dott.ssa Simona Tomaselli-UR responsible-2014-2016
- “ADAM10 as therapeutic target to enhance the anti-tumor response in Hodgkin lymphoma: development of specific inhibitors”-Dr Maria Raffaella Zocchi-partecipant-2015-2018
- “States and Kinetics of Oligomerization and Fibrillization of Beta-amyloids in Alzheimer Disease”- BASKO-Dr Cristina D’Arrigo-coordinator-2009-2012

“Developing and Implementing Sustainability-Based Solutions for Bio-Based Plastic Production and Use to Preserve Land and Sea Environmental Quality in Europe” – BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE - EU H2020-CP-IA-2017 (nr. 860407) – Coord. Walter Leal, HAW Hamburg - Resp. UR SCITEC Paola Stagnaro – participant - 01/10/2019-30/09/2023
“Microwaves-assisted rotomoulding with paintable polyethylene” – ROPEVEMI, MISE-ECSEL 2017 – Coord. Marco A. Colonna Romano, SLIDE SrL - Resp. UR CNR Paola Stagnaro – participant - 04/06/2019-03/06/2022

“Engineered polymeric composites with high energy density” – Polycom  (ID ROL 10359) – Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (TO) - Dr. V. Buscaglia CNR-ICMATE Genova – participant - 2016-2018
“Valorization of ground tyre rubber (GTR) in thermoplastic polymer composites” – Research contract ISMAC-IdeaPlast SrL – Dr. Paola Stagnaro - participant - 2017
“From ancient crops: materials and products from the future” – VeLiCa (nr. 14840/RCC) - Regione Lombardia - Dott.ssa N. Ravasio CNR-ISTM Milano – participant – 2011-2013
“Morphological characterization of fillers in elastomeric compounds” - Pirelli Tyre SpA – Dr. Lucia Conzatti CNR-ISMAC Genova – principal investigator – 2011-2012


Polymer synthesis; Polymer-based composites; Fillers and nanofillers; Natural fibres; Compatibilization; Electron Microscopy.


Synthesis of monomers and polymers; Surface modification of fillers, nanofillers and natural fibres; Compatibilization of polymer composites; Melt blending of polymer materials; Electron Microscopy; Structure/properties correlation in polymer materials.



Research Groups


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