His research activity is mainly dedicated to preparation, characterization and study of the activity of innovative heterogeneous catalysts, for the conversion of platform molecules, derived from renewable feedstock, to obtain different compounds that find application on several fields (as chemicals, biofuels, or polymer precursors). In particular, ), within a biorefinery concept, his work covers the transformation of the compounds coming from cellulose and hemicellulose upgrading through cascade processes (involving hydrogenation, transfer hydrogenation, oxidation and acid-base reactions) and multifunctional catalysts. During his research activity he developed an excellent expertise in the characterization of heterogeneous catalysts and especially on the use of probe molecules (pyridine, CO, CO2, alcohols, reactants and intermediates) in infrared spectroscopy.


Trasformazione catalitica di acidi grassi provenienti da olio di pula di riso, Progetto Cariplo "RiceRes" n. 2014-0558. Responsabile: Nicoletta Ravasio, ruolo: partecipante, periodo: 01/03/2015-31/08/2017
Meccanismi di attivazione della CO2 per la progettazione di nuovi materiali per l’efficienza dell’energia e delle risorse, PRIN 2010A2FSS9_001. Responsabile: Silvia Bordiga, ruolo: partecipante, periodo: 01/02/2013-31/01/2016
Progetto bilaterale CNR-BAS 2013/2015. Responsabile: Vladimiro Dal Santo, ruolo: partecipante, periodo: 2013-2015
Rete Nazionale di Ricerca sulle Nanoscienze ItalNanoNet, FIRB 2004 RBPR05JH2P.  Responsabile: Rinaldo Psaro, ruolo: partecipante, periodo: 10/09/2009-10/12/2013
Progetto bilaterale CNR-BAS 2010/2012. Responsabile: Vladimiro Dal Santo, ruolo: partecipante, periodo: 2010-2012


Heterogeneous catalysis, materials characterization, green chemistry, hydrogenation, oxidation, acid-base reactions


Design of multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts, materials characterization, biomass-derived platform molecules transformation, structure-activity relationships



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