The research activity of Alberto Vitali has focused in recent years on the study of bioactive peptides as modulators of protein-protein interacti ns and as potential new antibiotic drugs, investigating their biological properties and the structure/activity relationship and their mechanism of action. He has also recently been interested in the use of antimicrobial peptides in the formulation of nanoparticles to improve their bioavailability, a theme of a project funded by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (FFC#20/2018). In parallel, using various methodologies (i.e.: proteomics, confocal microscopy, surface plasmon resonance and others), has been interested in the study of the effects that bioactive peptides have on different aspects of cellular biology such as motility and increase of expression of extracellular matrix or of other cell components. This aspect is part of the thematic of the funded PRIN project (2017RSAFK7) where he is participant. 


Fondazione Fibrosi Cistica FFC#20/2018 “Biocompatible and inhalable antimicrobial- loaded nanoparticles for the counteraction of biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance: towards a potential new therapy for CF related infections”. Antibiotic Resistance; M.Sanguinetti (Catholic University); coordinator of UR, 2 years. P.R.I.N. 2019 cod. 2017RSAFK7, Tissue Regeneration, O. Parolini (Catholic University); member of operative unit, 3 years 

FAREBio di Q, Proteomics, B. Giardina (CNR) member of operative unit, 2010-2013:
CARIPLO Foundation "Innovative materials for medical devices based on biofunctionalized surfaces and antifouling properties", Biomaterials, F. Cappitelli (University of Milan), 2011-2013
P.N.R.A. Project “Role of oxygen in evolution-Genes and proteins of sea polar organisms” (ROSE-PNRA: PROGDEF09_182). B.Giardina, partecipante, 2010-2012.


Biologically Active Peptides. Proteomics. Drug Delivery. Protein-Protein Interactions.


Antimicrobial Peptides. Culture Cells. Proteomics. Laser Confocal Microscopy. Protein Purification. Protein  expression.



Research Groups

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