Roberto Utzeri

Tecnical Collaborator


The research activity is mainly aimed at the development and characterization of composite and functionalized polymeric materials with new and / or improved properties. The analytical characterization of the materials using the different techniques available (thermal, spectroscopic, microscopic and chromatographic) allows to evaluate the structure-property correlation of the materials previously prepared by mixing and modification. In research supporting, I also deal with management and technical aspects of environmental issues (waste management), technology transfer activities (activities for third parties) and technical aspects related to the acquisition of goods and services for the laboratory


‘Microwaves-assisted rotomoulding with paintable polyethylene’ – ROPEVEMI, MISE-ECSEL 2017, Coord. M.A. Colonna Romano Slide Srl, Resp. RU CNR P. Stagnaro, - partecipant- 2019-2022.
‘Novel ecosustainable bioflocculants for water treatment’ – BioFloc (ISMAC RLOF18ASSRIC/78/1), POR-FSE Regione Liguria 2014-2020, Coord. P. Stagnaro, - participant- 2019-2021.
‘Microwaves-assisted rotomoulding with paintable polyethylene’ – ROPEVEMI, MISE-ECSEL 2017, Coord. M.A. Colonna Romano Slide Srl, Resp. RU CNR P. Stagnaro, - partecipant-2019-2022.

- ‘Plastic multiples for artistic design furnishings’ - ARRED’ARTE (ID 187022), POR-FESR Regione Lombardia 2014-2020, Coord. G. Colonnna Romano Slide Srl, Resp. UR P. Stagnaro, 2017-2019.
- ‘Engineered Polymeric composites with high energy density’ – POLYCOM (ID ROL 10359), Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Coord. V. Buscaglia ICMATE-CNR, Resp. UR ISMAC-CNR, 2016-2018.
- ‘Valorization of ground tyre rubber (GTR) in thermoplastic polymer composites’, Research contract ISMAC-Idea Plast Srl, Resp. P. Stagnaro, 2017.
- ‘Development of the solid state welding process Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and the innovative hybrid FSW-bonding technique for the realization of heterogeneous aluminum-steel joints for naval applications’ - HYBRIDJOIN, POR-FESR Regione Liguria 2014-2020, Coord. S. Pinca Istituto Italiano della Saldatura IIS Srl, Resp. ISMAC-CNR, 2016-2018.


Advanced characterization, analytical methods, thermal analysis, compounding, environment


Analytical chemistry, material characterization, thermal analysis, SEM-EDX microscopy, compounding



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