Her research interests focus on the synthesis of peptidomimetics and other bioactive molecules as modulators of protein-protein interactions, with a wide experience in the field of integrin ligands synthesis and conjugation. She has also developed competences in performing in vitro binding assays on isolated receptors.
She has recently added the interest in nanomedicine and in particular in the synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles to be employed as tools to study biological interactions or as drug delivery systems.


- PRIN2022 “Boosting the Development of a Small Molecule as PD-L1 Inhibitor for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer” - Prof. L. Marinelli – PI CNR_SCITEC unit – 2023-2025.
- H2020 MSCA-DN “RBP-ReguNet. Deconstructing and Rewiring RNA-RBP regulatory networks” – Prof. A. Woodhoo – PI CNR-SCITEC unit –2023-2026.

- H2020 ITN Networks “MagicBullet Reloaded” – Prof. N. Sewald – partecipante –2019-2022
- PRIN2015 “Tumor-targeting peptidomimetics: synthesis and bio-medical applications” - Prof. C. Gennari – partecipante – 2017-2020.
- H2020 ITN Networks “MagicBullet” – Prof. N. Sewald – partecipante –2015-2018
- CNR-Regione Lombardia “Ricerca e sviluppo di prodotti e piattaforme tecnologiche per la competitività dell’industria lombarda” – RSPPTech – Dr. A. Ponti – partecipante- 2013-2015
- PRIN2010-2011 “Synthesis and biomedical applications of tumor-targeting peptidomimetics” - Prof. C. Gennari – partecipante – 2013-2015.
- FIRB - FUTURO IN RICERCA “Utilizzo di approcci computazionali per la progettazione di peptidomimetici diretti verso la N-caderina, loro sintesi e valutazione biologica come agenti antitumorali.” – Dr. M. Civera – partecipante – 2010-2014


Organic chemistry; peptidomimetics; protein-protein interactions; integrins; nanoparticles functionalization


Organic synthesis; conjugation of bio-molecules, synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles, binding assays on isolated receptors



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