FR has experience in the spectroscopic studies of materials for cultural heritage. FR has competences and long experience of vibrational, electronic, and X-rays based spectroscopies both as portable non invasive devices as well as bench top systems, single point and hyperspectral devices. The reseacrh activity may be shynthesized as it follows: a) development and optimization of a multitechnique approach for the non invasive and in situ studies of works of art through the mobile laboratory MOLAB within the european reseach infrastructure for heritage science (ERIHS); b) Studies of historical samples at a micro-scale for unveiling the original constituting materials (stratigraphy), micro-heterogeneities, and degradation mechanisms of paining materials through microspectroscopies such as: micro-Raman, micro-FT-IR(mapping, imaging, in transmission, reflection and ATR mode) and SEM-EDS. c) Structural and spectroscopic studies of complex and innovative materials employed in conservation and restoration


H2020 “Integrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science”, IPERION-HS, (Luca Pezzati CNR-INO), task leader Molab Provision, 2020-2023
H2020 “The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science Preparatory Phase”, ERIHS-PP, (Luca Pezzati CNR-INO), partecipante, 2017-2020
H2020 “Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud, SSHOC, partecipante, 2019-2022
PON-Potenziamento dei Nodi Italiani in E-RIHS, SHINE, Responsabile UR, 2019-2022

H2020-INFRAIA  - Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Cultural Heritage, IPERION CH, (Luca Pezzati CNR-INO), partecipante 2015-2019
FIRB2012 Futurism Research Art History and Material Analysis FUTURAHMA, (Mattia Patti UNIPI), responsabile UR, 2013-2016


analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, non invasive portable methods, degradation mechanism


(micro)FT-IR, (micro)Raman (portable and bench top devices), SEM-EDX, hyperspectral imaging X-rays based, hyperspectral imaging from visible to near and mid-infrared



Research Groups

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