Energy Efficiency

Lighting, indoor and outdoor energy saving devices 

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) represents one of the most promising technologies for lighting and displays. SCITEC multidisciplinary approach is articulated in different research lines: preparation and development of molecular and polymeric organic semiconductors with tunable emission colors (covering the entire visible spectrum and extending towards the deep blue and the near infrared); synthesis of functional organic and hybrid materials with charge transport properties; realization, characterization and validation of electroluminescent device prototypes on both rigid and flexible substrates using state-of-the-art fabrication technologies. The skills in synthetic chemistry, coupled to an accurate quantum-chemical modelling, allow SCITEC to realize and employ new materials advantaging from natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly resources and green synthesis.

Sensors, optical or electrical transduction system 

Sensors are the active components able to detect different parameters allowing for their transduction into a measurable quantity. In this field SCITEC activities are addressed to the study of new functional surfaces active or reactive toward environmental or external stimuli (e.g. pollutants, ions, acidity..), biological targets, optical signals (photodetectors), and mechanical ones. Transduction relays on either an ON/OFF control or on a quantitate calibrated measurements. 


#lighting, #display, #OLED, #OFET, #Nanoparticles, #water compatibility, #deposition/fabrication, #thin films, #organometallic complexes, #Ir(III), #Pt(II), #Ln, #Visible light, #NIR light, #AIE, #TADF, #organic #semiconductors, #smart coatings, #antireflective #coatings, #optical sensors   

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