- Design and use of metal.containing mesoporous silicate materials in the sustainable oxidation of derivatives obtained from vegetable and renewable raw materials.
- Design and synthesis of nanostructured solids for the abatement, decontamination and detection of highly toxic compounds and chemical / biological warfare agents.
- Preparation of nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts for the chemo-, regio- and stereo-selective transformation of fine chemicals.
- Design and study of nanostructured composite materials for control and defence against pests of fruit trees and crops (Olea sativa, Ficus carica)
- Scientific dissemination, awareness-raising and technical training activities on prevention, mitigation and protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks, since 2000


- CBRN CoE P65, “Strengthening chemical and biological waste management in Central Asia countries for improved security and safety risk mitigation” - CABICHEM, Contract IFS/2017/388-397, funded by the European Commission – CNR Partner Unit Coordinator - Work Package 4; 27/12/2017-26/12/2020
- Italian Ministry for Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies, MIPAAF, “Defence from Noxious Organisms in Conventional and Intensive Oliviculture” – DIOL, prot. no. 23774 – CNR Partner Unit Coordinator; 01/10/2017 – 30/09/2020

- NATO Science for Peace and Security, “Nanostructured Materials for the Catalytic Abatement of Chemical Warfare Agents” NanoContraChem, SPS.NUKR.SFP.984481 – Main Coordinator; 2013-2016.
- Bilateral Project, CNR, Italy - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India. “Development of catalytic renewable processes by converting Indian origin non-edible oil to valuable chemicals”, prot. no. 16063 – Italian Coordinator - 2016-2018.
- EU FP7 “A common European approach to the regulatory testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials” - NANoREG; Theme-NMP.2012.1.3-3; Grant Agreement no. 310584; - Main Coordinator Dr. T. van Teunenbroek - Deliverable Responsible – 2013-2017.
- Regione Lombardia – Framework Agreement “Regione Lombardia - CNR 2012” (n.173/2013). “SusChemLombardia”, - main coordinator dr. M.N. Ravasio – Participant; 2013–2015


Heterogeneous catalysis; sustainable oxidation; nanostructured oxides; chemical warfare agents degradation; vegetable raw materials; green chemistry


Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts; oxide materials preparation; testing of catalytic performance; gas-chromatographic analysis; chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear risk assessment.



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